Creating a Pebbles Generator | Maximilien Vert

Learn from Adobe/Allegorithmic’s own Maximilien Vert in this in-depth Substance Designer tutorial. Maximilien is well known for his attention to detail, clean style, and passion for procedural workflows.

In this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be learning how to build a photo-realistic beach pebbles generator. Maximilien starts by sharing his personal tools and techniques for creating pebbles, followed by exposing parameters to create a generator. He completes the material by blending in sand for final presentation.

If you’re serious about learning the capabilities of the software, this is the tutorial for you.

FormatVideo TutorialSoftwareSubstance DesignerLevelBeginner to IntermediateDuration2.5 HoursPrerequisiteFamiliar with software usedArtistMaximilien VertPortfolio

  • Pebbles Creation
  • Pebbles Generator
  • Layering
  • Finishing the Material
  • Presentation

Maximilien is a Texture Artist working at Adobe/Allegorithmic’s Signature Source. He discovered his passion for 3D art at the end of his Fine Art studies in France. Through personal experimentation and learning from tutorials in his spare time, Maximilien developed his own distinct art style. He is a big fan of procedural workflows, and many of his projects feature the use of generators to create infinite variations.

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