Designing, Modeling, and Texturing an Aircraft | Andreas Ezelius

We’re excited to bring you a tutorial by vehicle modeling expert and Principal Artist at EA Dice, Andreas Ezelius. In this collaboration with Levelup.Digital, Andreas shares his full workflow on how to create a sci-fi aircraft.

Andreas begins by explaining his approach to designing an aircraft and how he organizes his references. He walks you through his AAA techniques and tips for the different phases of modeling in Maya, and covers his UV mapping, baking, painting, and rendering processes. Andreas’ tutorial is a comprehensive demonstration of how an industry veteran creates a high quality model for games and film.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a full understanding of how Andreas structures and executes a project from start to finish.

FormatVideo TutorialSoftwareMaya, Substance PainterLevelIntermediateDuration12 HoursPrerequisiteFamiliar with software usedArtistAndreas EzeliusPortfolio

  • Design & References
  • Scene Setup
  • Building Curves
  • Base Mesh
  • Panels
  • Details
  • Engine
  • Screws
  • Tubes
  • UV Mapping
  • Baking Prep
  • Baking
  • Painting
  • Rendering

* Also included are the unedited videos for those of you who prefer no edits/timelapse.

Andreas Ezelius is a Principal 3D Artist at EA Dice in Stockholm. He has worked in the video game industry since 2007. His work can be seen in Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield, Need For Speed, and Star Wars Battlefront. If you’re interested in learning more about Andreas’ workflow, check out his interview on The Collective Podcast (

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